European Integration Research – Exchange of Experience

Európai Integrációs Alap
Project period: 
1 January, 2014 to 30 September, 2014

On the launch of the European Union's new funding scheme for 2014-2020, it is time to review migration related research produced in Hungary in the past five years and to identify key research areas for the next period. Our project not only intends to give guidance on the most important issues to investigate, but wants also to help in defining research methods for specific research topics.

The project aims to target Hungarian researchers and experts dealing with integration research to exchange experience with leading European experts on gathering empirical data about third-country nationals needs, and to start a debate about their application in Hungary, including the development of appropriate policy response to third-country nationals needs.

During the project, the methods of European outstanding research institutions about their data collection analysis techniques will be presented in a series of five seminars after first having discussed the most significant techniques and methods during a kick-off workshop. During the seminars, representatives of international research institutions are going to be invited for the single seminars to hold a lecture and a seminar with the participants and present their own experiences. At the end of the seminar series, analyzes in the project’s final publication will raise and reflect the issues discussed at the seminars. The project’s final publication containing the analyzes and recommendations (will be presented at a final conference).