“European Integration Modules – Exchange of Experience”

European Integration Fund
Project period: 
1 November, 2012 to 31 August, 2013

About the project

The idea of developing European modules on migrant integration dates several years back to the Justice and Home Affairs Council of 12-13 June 2007, in which the National Contact Points on Integration supported by the Commission were invited to “examine the added value of developing common European modules for migrant integration as a full project in the light of experience at national levels”. The importance of developing European modules on migrant integration was also reaffirmed in the Council conclusions of June 2010 with an emphasis on three areas in which modules should be developed:

  1. Introductory and language courses;
  2. A strong commitment by the host society; and
  3. The active participation of immigrants in all aspects of collective life.

The European Integration Modules – Exchange of Experience project aims to familiarize national experts dealing with the integration of third-country nationals with the European Integration Modules system and to start a national debate on the potential application of international best practices in Hungary, and to contribute to the development of national integration strategy.

In February, a jury of experts selected 12 researchers and professionals interested in the integration of third-country nationals, who explored during a two-day long field-research good practices and modules indicated in the paper about the European Integration Modules. Based on their experiences during the field-research, they have produced written summaries and analyses about the projects and services visited. Based on the analyses, a final study has been published and a final conference is organized where the final study is presented.

For the final conference on 20th September, we have invited the representatives of those institutions who have participated during our field-research as host institutions to present their services and projects. The results of the field-research will be presented by the ICCR experts during the workshops in the afternoon, where also potential adaptation of the projects and services researched will be discussed.